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My first published eBook!!   

May, 2015

Available Now!!

As "Kindle" or "Audible" audio book.

All rights reserved
    Copyright March, 2016

Short Stories 

         Volume 2


Hats: One day in a month-long cross-country journey of adventure, and unexpected encounters. Hats mean much more to some, than others.


Butterflies: Heartbreaks are powerful. Should we even take a chance at the pursuit of such beauty with the knowledge of  such potentially horrific pain, again? She knows where the net is ...


Shinin' Frogs:  The first warm, wet evening of the Wisconsin northwoods wetlands is a wonderland of strange creatures in the night. An incredible, unique father and son adventure never to be forgotten.


Stompin:  The eldest brother holds a unique place among siblings. A magic place, a late summer afternoon, and a mysterious hole in the side of a hill presents a memorable, even hilarious adventure!


Conflict:  I owned a dependable, 12 gauge shotgun. There was over 3 feet of snow on the ground on this Northern Wisconsin January morning when I received the call from my mom for help. I figured three shells should do the trick.



Coming!! "Stay tuned!!"  :)

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