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    Copyright March, 2016

Short Stories 

         Volume 2


Hats: One day in a month-long cross-country journey of adventure, and unexpected encounters. Hats mean much more to some, than others.


Butterflies: Heartbreaks are powerful. Should we even take a chance at the pursuit of such beauty with the knowledge of  such potentially horrific pain, again? She knows where the net is ...


Shinin' Frogs:  The first warm, wet evening of the Wisconsin northwoods wetlands is a wonderland of strange creatures in the night. An incredible, unique father and son adventure never to be forgotten.


   Stompin:  The eldest brother holds a unique place among siblings. A magic place, a late summer afternoon, and a mysterious hole in the side of a hill presents a memorable, even hilarious adventure! 



    Conflict:  I owned a dependable, 12 gauge shotgun. There was over 3 feet of snow on the ground on this Northern Wisconsin January morning when I received the call from my mom for help. I figured three shells should do the trick.



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May, 2015

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All rights reserved
    Copyright May, 2015
All rights reserved
    Copyright Jan, 2018

"The Burning of Saint Mary's" 



A documentary of a monumental, horrific event occurring in a small, rural, dusty northeastern Wisconsin town in 1962.



"It was the night of the Crivitz High School prom." "The night was eerily black; no stars, no wind. Distant thunder voiced an ominous warning. Some say it was raining. Some say it wasn't. Others can't remember. But, everyone agrees that in the wee morning hours of Sunday, May 13th ..." 

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Paul Matty, Burning of St. Mary's

Short Stories 

         Volume 2 (early)


The Encounter: "... the eagle's talons  instantly sank through leather, skin and flesh; to the bone. I was totally unprepared for the power and resources of this animal."  



The Kill: "... dust and debris from the hare's paws flew in his face. Fox and hare become a single blur ..."              Listen Now:  NARRATED EXCERPT


Too Close:  "... I was immediately nauseous, retching. I saw no escape for him."



Canoe Musky:  "... there had been no explosion of water expected expected from a bass hit. With all of my strength, I lurched the rod tip back over my head, hoping

I was not too late ... "  


All rights reserved
    Copyright Jan, 2014
All rights reserved
    Copyright Jan, 2014

Short Stories 

         Volume 3


Brook Trout Antlers: "... He was about a

half mile  in when he saw it. Amidst the low tangle of

decomposing twigs, it was barely discernable."  



Beaver Dam Buck: "... I imagined the mallardss, wood ducks, muskrat, and other water creatures that surely must have enjoyed this pond ..."         Listen Now:  NARRATED EXCERPT


Cat and Mouse:  "... Beads of sweat  turned instantly into rivers that poured down and over his face.  The warm wetness of his own unrine moved ..."



The Hognose:  "... I had never seen a snake like this ... The broad, triangular head I associated with poisonous species was hooded by a large, flattened neck complete with two black spots, like a cobra ... "


Paul Matty, Burning of St. Mary's
All rights reserved
    Copyright Jan, 2016




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